Cloudy day

Even on a cloudy day it’s not boring in St.Martin. We went for a swim to Friars Bay beach. It started to rain while we were swimming but the kids just loved it. The best part is that it doesn’t get cold here, not even when it rains.

Just a few minutes drive from Friars Bay is the area of Colombier.  A valley that is known for it’s beautiful countryside and being different to the rest of the island. We drove in there and were just amazed with the beautyful nature.

We saw lots of big mangotrees full of mangos. Cows and horses on the fields. And there is a horsestable right in the beginning of the road where you turn in to drive to Colombier. One day I will visit the horsestable and tell you more about it.

Take the road from Marigot towards Grand Case and after the first hill turn left and you get to Friars Bay beach. From that same road 100m further turn right by the horsestable and you get to Colombier. Notice that the road to Colombier is a dead end so you will have come back the same way.


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