Irma the monster hurricane hits St. Martin

September 5th 2017 hurricane Irma swept over us on the island of St. Martin. It was a hurricane  5+. The strong winds started around 11.0å p.m. and the worst part for us was between 5 a.m. – 7 a.m. on the 6th of september. 7.05 a.m. the eye hit St.Martin and the winds and the sea became calmer.

My neighbours knocked on my door asking if I am okey? We were talking for a good 15 minutes in the hallway before the winds picked up again, this time blowing from the oppsite direction. We locked our doors and prayed for strength to resist the the other half of the hurricane.

Houses were destroyd, windows broken , roofs blown away. Furniture and clothing blown away. The swimmingpool we had in the garden is destroyd ( look at the pictures before and after) .

Now 4 days later, people need food and water. The shops are not open, people are getting desperate and looting has started. We will see what tomorrow will bring?


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