Presidential visit


The french president Emmanuel Macron was here. He spent last night and yesterday on our island. I didn’t see him myself (maybe next time). Welcome monsieur le president.

His visit to the island brought St.Martin to headlines all over the world, again. Since yesterday morning journalists are everywhere. Even I was interviewed by a guy from radio Goudeloupe GUA_1ERE 88,90 Mhz, while I was queuing for food aid. Stood there in line for 3 hours in the sun and heat of 37,4’c. (at least I am working on my tan). I did not have my kids with me this time, the heat would have been too much for them. What i got was this;

FHD04354 l of water,   1 l whipping cream, 2 kg of Mozzarella cheese and Cuisses canard de barbarie ( barbarian ? duck legs ). I just have to use my best imagination to cook something out of this in my microvawe (and please use your imagination also to help me and send me some recipes). Especially since I am lactose intolerent. I don’t have an oven. My stove got so much seawater on it during hurricane Irma that it is not functioning anymore. I have salt & pepper and red wine.

My active neighbours made up a grill in the garden. So it will be grilled duck legs with red wine. Not bad.


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