Water precious water

Life after Irma on the island of Saint Martin?  Some people have water, some have electricity, some don’t. In some areas they get electricity that lasts maybe for 1 h then cuts off, or 3h of water and then nothing more, until the next day. And you never know when it comes back again.

Days consist of walking and looking for food and water. I start my days by carrying water from diferent locations. In the morning I walk to the beach with my buckets to collect seawater. That I use to flush the toilet with. I also wash my dishes on the beach, my kids and myself. I even boil my eggs in seawater (not on the beach but at home).


Then the most important of all drinking water.  The firefighters drive around and give out bottles of water to people. I am happy that drinking water is being distributed. Since it is hot here, +34’c during the day. Our family uses 4 liters per day (minimum). I use it, not only for drinking but also for cooking, brushing my teeth and for making my morning Coffee !! These bottles too I have to carry home from wherever the distribution is taking place.

Then there is the non drinkable water, from a dwell. I use it for washing my hands, floors, clothes (by hand , not very succesfull here). And my dogs drink this water. And yes I have to carry home these buckets of water too.

Well, lets look at it in a positive way: I get lots of extra exercise everyday.





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